Alumni Profiles

Liam Aitcheson | Track and Road Cyclist

Liam Aitcheson.

Liam is currently living his dream doing what he loves – Cycling.

Representing New Zealand on the Track at the Junior World Track Champs in both 2012 and 2013, and collecting 4 silver medals at those events, have been highlights in the sport.

Currently he is on track to realize his dreams of striving towards future medals on the Track.

It was while at Dunstan High School that Liam developed a passion for cycling.

“Some of the teachers would ride after school and encouraged the students to give it a go. It was through this that my passion for the sport evolved. The teachers and support staff were enthusiastic, supportive and accommodating to any events and training sessions. The supportive atmosphere helped me push myself in my sport. I was taught that if you have a passion at Dunstan and are willing to put the work in, the school will back you one hundred percent.”

Rachael Taylor | Researcher

Rachael Taylor.

Rachael is a researcher based within the Dunedin School of Medicine at the University of Otago, specializing in childhood obesity. She heads several large intervention studies which aim to test different ways of helping children and their families, or schools and communities, to lead healthier lives.

Rachael initially trained as a nutritionist and worked as a Lecturer, teaching nutrition students at Otago University, while also doing research. Being a researcher means being interested in constantly learning new things; testing whether they work, presenting the findings, then moving on to the next exciting idea; “to me, the best job in the world.”

“I loved my time at Dunstan. It provided me with a wealth of experiences both academic and sporting. Dunstan taught me to work hard, but to play hard too – as life is for living and is all about balance. Find something you love and go for it.“

Tony Botting | Foreign Exchange Trader

Tony Botting.

Tony is currently residing in London. Since July 2014, he has been global Head of Linear FX and Precious Metals trading at CA-CIB, which is the investment banking arm of Credit Agricole. Based in London, he is responsible for a global team of traders in the major centres of London, New York, Hong Kong, as well as Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore and Dubai. Tony has spent 23 years in financial markets trading FX and running trading teams around the globe from Wellington, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and North America.

Prior to entering financial markets he attended Otago University graduating in May 1989 as the top Accounting and Finance graduate.

“I have always been proud of where I came from and proud of Dunstan High School. Many of my teachers were really good at instilling confidence and belief in one’s own abilities, though it did take me a while to realize it.

While achievements don’t always need to happen when you’re at school, Dunstan built the foundations for me to go from there.“

Clara Pau | Programme Co-ordinator

Clara Pau.

I left Alexandra in 2009 to study at the University of Otago, where I was a resident at Carrington College in my first year. After a lot of fun and hard work, I completed my BA (Hons), BSc in 2013, and Masters of Arts in Indigenous Development in 2014. I received a number of University prizes including a Pacific Islands People Final Year Prize, University of Otago Masters Scholarship, Division of Humanities Bridging Scholarship, Scholarship in Science for Academic Excellence, Otago Study Grant, Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship and a Pacific Islands Entrance Scholarship.

Study aside, my heart lies in social and educational equality. To supplement my study, I have interned with the Families Commission on their White Ribbon Campaign, and I was a National Communication Manager for P3 Foundation, a NGO (non-government organization) whose goal it is to alleviate poverty in our generation. I have also travelled to the USA to present my research to academics and activists, rewrote official documents for local NGOs and also mentored high school students in the Dunedin community.

Now, this passion for people has led me to a new journey – co-ordinating academic programmes for Pacific Island students, at the University of Otago. Their success is my success and, as was the case at Dunstan, my success is your success and would not have been possible without the education springboard I received at school. Who knows where that springboard will take me next!

Honor Lanham | Lawyer

Honor Lanham.

Honor currently works as a Defence Lawyer at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

“At Dunstan, I developed a keen interest in English, History and Drama and had the inkling that a career in Law and Advocacy was right for me. I pursued this though degrees in Law and Arts from the University of Otago and a Master of Laws from Columbia University in New York. At Columbia, I was the W. Bayard Cutting Jr. Fellow for International Law, a James Kent Scholar and recipient of the William Georgetti Scholarship from New Zealand.

I have worked as a Crown Prosecutor in Wellington; as a Researcher in Hong Kong for the International Institute for conflict Engagement and Resolution; and as a Special Investigator at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York. Along the way, I have completed internships with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, researching sea piracy; the International Committee of the Red Cross’ Delegation to the United Nations; and the Vice-Chairperson of the Untied Nations’ Committee Against Torture.

I always feel proud to say I went to Dunstan High School. I was taught by caring and interesting teachers, who motivated me to do my best and think big. At Dunstan, I was encouraged to take additional exams, courses and participate in competitions I would otherwise not have known about – all of which continue to benefit me today. The friends I made at Dunstan remain close friends. I look back at my time at Dunstan and feel a great sense of happiness.”