There are no dormitories at Dunstan High School Hostel. Students have their own rooms or twin units.

Junior Rooms: 15 twin ensuite units. Each separate unit surrounds a central courtyard and has its own bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. All units have been recently renovated and modernised to cater for two junior students.

Senior Rooms: Our 18 bed senior block provides for separate accommodation for senior students. They enjoy their own private room with shared bathroom facilities in each wing.

Common Areas: Junior common room, senior common room, student laundry, junior prep room, and dining room. Common rooms have Sky TV and wireless internet access.

Heating: All areas of the hostel are centrally heated by radiators and newly installed woodchip boiler.

Outside Spaces: The hostel is focussed on our central courtyard but has many other outdoor recreation and leisure spaces within the boundaries.

Sport and Cultural Facilities: The hostel is located on the boundary of the 32 hectare Molyneux Park and is a short 2 minute walk from school. It enjoys a campus feel with nearly all of the town major sporting facilities within the park. This includes the heated indoor and outdoor swimming pool, the sports grounds for all major sports such as athletics, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, squash and tennis. Also within this precinct are the ice rink, youth centre, school gymnasium and public stadium, music and performing arts centre, skate park, golf course and Otago Central Rail Trail.

Our mission is to provide a safe, family-like living environment, where what we do supports student learning, and the wellbeing of every child is at the centre of our actions.

Contact Information:

Dunstan High School Hostel
99 Russell St, Alexandra, 9320

Phone+64 3 448 7506