Frequently Asked Questions

What age do I have to be to study at Dunstan?

Dunstan High School accepts students from Year 9 (14 years of age) to Year 13 (17/18 years of age).

Can I choose to stay in either homestay or the school hostel?

There are a limited number of places reserved for students at our school hostel and these are usually kept for those students here for the academic year. We have numerous high quality homestays in and around Alexandra.

What activities can I take part in at Dunstan High School?

The school has a wide range of extra curricular activities that International Students can be involved in from Cultural Activities (choir, jazz band, drama productions) to Sporting Activities (netball, rugby, hockey, ice hockey, skiing, kayaking, plus numerous other outdoor activities).

Do I have to buy a school uniform?

No, our International department provides uniforms for students who attend Dunstan High School. You will provide your own footwear and socks for the school uniform.