School Info

Dunstan High School is a government owned decile nine co-educational high school for Year 9-13 students with a role of approximately 500 students.  Most students are day students who live locally, or travel on the extensive bus network that services outlying areas.  The school also accommodates boarding students at its 50 bed modern hostel located just a short walk across the school grounds.  The school offers a very high quality International Programme that accepts up to 25 fee-paying students each year. The school enjoys strong support from the local community with many links to sporting, cultural and vocational opportunities. 

Dunstan High School has a well-established tradition of successfully preparing our students for higher education.  Dunstan enjoys a close relationship with the University of Otago, and has proved consistently capable of securing our students' pathways to their desired careers, including a very successful placement rate into Halls of Residence.  The school has particularly strong Outdoor Education and Performing Arts Programmes, and also has a reputation for providing the highest standards of pastoral care and learning support for students.

Facilities - Dunstan is a modern High School set on spacious and attractive grounds with a wide range of high quality buildings and facilities for students and teachers.  The map below shows an overview of the school grounds as well as the many surrounding facilities linked to the school via Molyneux Park... more


Philosophy and Values - Dunstan High School is a school committed to creating opportunities and encouraging success for each individual student.  Our size means that we are big enough to offer a complete range of subjects right up to scholarship level, but small enough to provide a supportive, caring family-like environment in which young people can live and learn... more


Pastoral Care - Providing a supportive environment for students to enhance their learning is not only a cornerstone of the school’s vision, but something that, over time, has become a real strength and tradition within the school... more


Location - Impressive mountain ranges, rivers and lakes surround Alexandra, the commercial centre of the beautiful and thriving Central Otago region... more