Kiwi Access Card has Launched Online Applications
Kiwi Access Card has Launched Online Applications

The Kiwi Access Card 18+ Card is improving application accessibility. In September 2022 we launched the Kiwi Access Card online application platform. This is a great step forward to making the card more accessible for those that would otherwise struggle to visit their nearest AA Centre or NZ Post Shop.

We received feedback during COVID that a wide range of people needed to access goods and services in New Zealand, but couldn't obtain a passport or driver's licence. As a result, they are currently reliant on the Kiwi Access 18+ card to provide the required identification. The digital application process provides a secure, innovative, online application platform that increases the accessibility of the Kiwi Access 18+ card in the community.

As a key stakeholder, I would appreciate your help to spread the word about Kiwi Access 18+ Card and the new online application platform.  We will soon be sending you some written and visual assets that we would ask you to circulate to your networks, to ensure all stakeholders are provided information on this important change.
It is important to note that there have been no changes to the current process of obtaining a card, so the integrity currently held by the 18+ card remains with the Kiwi Access card. The new digital application process is an additional process to obtain a card.

Please reach out to us if we can there is anything we can do for your business or organisation. If you want more information keep on reading below.

View the Online Application Process here

This article was originally posted on: November, 1st 2022