Boarding at Dunstan

Boarding at Dunstan

Welcome to Dunstan High School Hostel, Alexandra - Nau mai.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Dunstan High School Hostel.          

Adapting to hostel life for some students (and their families) can be a challenge – there are many different people, both students and staff, to get to know; there are new routines and rules to be followed; the food may be different to what students are used to; and some students may be leaving home for an extended period for the first time. For new students especially, who might also be starting high school for the first time, it can be a daunting prospect.

One of the key aims of our Hostel is to make this transition from home life to hostel life, and from hostel life on to the next stage after high school education, as smooth and as beneficial as possible. The smaller nature of our hostel means that our staff can have a close relationship with each of our students, and we can quickly identify individual student needs and issues as they arise. We try to make the Hostel a home away from home for our students – a community where they can feel safe, be themselves, and gain a sense of belonging and independence – as well as an environment where students know they will have the support of staff to help them develop their personal values and learn skills they’ll need in the future, like collaboration, leadership and communication.

The Hostel’s role in this process is as primary caregiver – ensuring the students’ wellbeing is looked after physically, emotionally, socially and academically. Parents / caregivers and students also have a part to play in ensuring that the maximum benefit is derived from Hostel life – being a positive contributor, encouraging others, a readiness to go outside their comfort zone to learn and achieve, and being respected by and respectful of their peers and staff.                                 

Thank you for your interest in the hostel, and we look forward to the opportunity to meet you and show you around at some stage in the future.

- Gareth Lochaden, Director of Boarding


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