Care & Supervision

Care & Supervision

We strive to make the hostel a home away from home for our students - a place where they feel safe, can be themselves, and have a sense of belonging and independence.

We appreciate the great trust and responsibility given to us by parents when they put their children in our care. Looking after our students' wellbeing in terms of their emotional, physical, social and academical needs is our priority. The smaller nature of our hostel means that our staff are available to support the students individually, and are well placed to be able to offer support where it's needed. Our Matron and Director of Boarding both live on-site, and we usually have at least one other staff member here on a 24/7 basis too.

Our students are always treated with respect and dignity and in an honest manner, and encouraged to speak up if they have any issues that they want to raise. They understand that this is their home for a large portion of each school year, and that they and their colleagues have the right at all times to feel safe and secure. The opportunity for greater responsibility and independence is given to students who have displayed the qualities and maturity that deserve it, and giving some additional freedom can help to develop those qualities even further. Our accommodation is either twin or single rooms (no dorms), and we find that this works well in terms of forming relationships, having a quiet space so that you can be yourself, and getting a good night's sleep.

We have a full time cook on site, and all of our catering is done in-house. Our menu is based on nutritious and delicious food, and making sure our students always have enough. We have lots of space for our students to play and exercise, and we're ideally positioned next to Molyneux Park if they really want to stretch their legs. We have two common rooms where the students can play pool, table tennis, air hockey and fussball, or just watch something on youtube or netflix. We also get over to the school gym at least a couple of nights in the winter terms and take advantage of the school facilities.

Each night from Monday-Thursday, we have supervised prep for one hour for our Year 9 & 10 students. Year 11's are also supervised for 90 minutes of prep, and our Year 12's and 13's study in their own rooms. Help is available to those who need it, and if hostel staff can't help, we'll get in touch with a teacher or dean at the school and ask them to assist.

We organise one-on-one catch-ups with all of our students at least once a term, so that we can check in on their general emotional and mental wellbeing. We keep a close eye on our students as they go about their daily lives, and often have a quiet word if we think that someone needs some extra support or just a chat.