Capture Science Photography Competition 2021
Capture Science Photography Competition 2021
The Otago Optics Chapter is back with another exciting photo competition: Capture Science - Order and Chaos!

Entry to the photo competition is free and open to people of all ages and photography skill levels. There will be cash prizes as well as prizes supported by the Dodd Walls Center and the Otago Museum.

Entries open from 8th of April to 5pm Sunday 15th August.

Just like science, our theme this year is very broad. Anywhere you see patterns and structure, big or small, there is often some incredible science creating order we want you to capture. But nature also has a habit of breaking out of a nice orderly box, to keep the world exciting, dynamic and chaotic. In your entries we want to see your perspective on the spectacular science driving the world around us.

Each entry should be accompanied by a 30-150 word caption that includes an explanation of some science present in the photo. The photo and caption will be judged on three criteria: 

  1. originality, 

  2. aesthetic appeal, and 

  3. the level of clarity of the science portrayed and described in the caption.

For terms and conditions of the competition and to submit your photograph entries, click this link.

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There will also be an exhibition of the top entries of our Capture Science: Order and Chaos Photography Competition at the Otago Museum. (Dates TBC)

Event proudly supported by the Otago Museum, the Dodd Walls Centre, SPIE, and OSA.

We’re looking forward to seeing the entries!

The Otago Optics Chapter committee

This article was originally posted on: July, 8th 2021