Understanding Whānau Ora Time
Understanding Whānau Ora Time
Whānau Ora is our new Pastoral Care system at Dunstan High School.

It replaces our tutor time and has become teaching time rather than pastoral and administration time. The following is a breakdown of the various parts of this and what they mean.                        

Whānau Ora                        

This is the name we collectively give to this time. A Whānau ora class is made up of a small group of the same year level students in the same house.                        

Whānau ora means to look after the well-being of our whānau and group. Once a week there is a 50min lesson for this group - we call this time Wānanga 

Wānanga to us means to meet, to discuss, to deliberate and consider. As a group we work through our programme of learning - sharing and discussing our learning. Students are learning key competencies, life skills and health and wellbeing topics at this time.    

Also once a week there is a 50min session where all houses meet together. We call this time Whānaungatanga.         

Whānaungatanga to us means relationships, kinship and a sense of belonging through shared experiences and working together. This is where our houses can work together across year levels to develop that sense of belonging, connections and pride. It is a great opportunity to develop leadership and be role models for our younger students.                                                        


This article was originally posted on: March, 14th 2023