DHS Musical - Little Shop of Horrors
DHS Musical - Little Shop of Horrors
Tickets on sale now at or 0508 iticket. Adults $22 - Children $15 (up to and including high school) plus booking fee. Be in early - don't miss out!

Dunstan High is proud to bring you this year's production Little Shop of Horrors. Here is a little blurb about the musical.

Little Shop of Horrors is a little twisted, which makes for a creepy and very entertaining musical.

It is set on “Skid Row”, a dreary, depressed part of downtown New York, where on a grubby corner, sits a little flower shop owned by Mr Mushnik. He is assisted by a buxom blonde named Audrey and his tenant, Seymour, who seems to do everything wrong. One day, an unexpected solar eclipse takes the residents by surprise. Shortly thereafter, Seymour finds a fascinating plant on his shopping route, that he adopts.

Business is bad for Mr Mushnik – he is about to close shop when Seymour suggests that his strange plant be placed in the window to attract customers. Sure enough, customers begin to pour in, and Seymour is left with a conundrum: just how will he feed his new plant when it begins to demand more than a few measly drops of his blood? 

Enter the demented dentist and throw in the fact that the dentist treats Audrey like trash, and the stage is set for “foul play.”

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This article was originally posted on: April, 21st 2021