Dunstan High School Kilt Order 2022
Dunstan High School Kilt Order 2022
This Year the Dunstan High School PTA will have new as well as second hand kilts for sale as Tudor are supplying the PTA with a range of Kilt sizes for students in 2022.

These are expected to be available in late March and when these are available we will let parents know so that you can visit the PTA uniform shop to make your purchase. 

Please note that once in the current Dunstan uniform, students will stay in that uniform for their time at Dunstan. Any new uniform will be phased in, year group at a time, so if you purchase a kilt this year, your child will be able to wear that for their entire time at DHS.

The PTA Uniform shop is open Wednesday 5.30pm.

This article was originally posted on: March, 9th 2022