Fortnightly Report Awards
Fortnightly Report Awards
At Assembly on Friday 16th April, we started a new initiative to recognise those who achieved a Fortnightly Report with a GPA at or greater than 9.0 for Personal Excellence and Respect.

Twice a term we will publish the names in Assembly and draw 15 names from the list and award them with a canteen voucher. Here are the first winners:

Year 9

Andrew Baird, Danielle Irving-Dowling, Billie Nixon, Jacob Maisuria, Hannah McDowall, Caitlin Shea, Kimberley Dacosta, Danielle Poole, Niko Murphy, William Miller, Ellie King, Luke Johnson, Sky Sanders, Tui Simpson, Milla Druce, Zavier Robb

Year 10

Portia Randall, Steffi Moss, Jurre Risteyn, Madison Hamilton, Ruthven Bahler, Olivia Dyson, Aiden Howden, Jimmy Whyte, Madison Bastow, Leon Morris, Lydia Sanders, Hazel Bodeker, Riley Allan, Libby Handford, Eddie Adams, Mayce Williams, Jack Sisson, Millie Williams, Megan De Cort, Keisha McFadyen, Korbyn Miller, Rosheen Moss, Dkyla Thomas-McLeod, Lily Ward, Caleb Ludlow, Isla Nelson, Holly Johns, Eddie Fenton, Grace Begg, James Avenell

Year 11

Chloe Robertson, Katy Willcocks, Amy-Rose Pearson, Caitlyn Alley, Marzelle de Beer, Layla Golden, Amber Scobie, Kelsey Summers, Selene Roberts, Tasia Hill-Alexander, Byron Hammond, Pania Geary, Starla Hubber, Jacob  Fonseca, Keel Davidson, Connor McDowall, Robert Gordon, Brooklyn Harrington, Briar Faulkner-Vermeulen, Ashlea West, Isla Redgrave, Claudia Hammond, Sofia Druce, Kohan Carden, Nia du Plessis, Angus Murphy, Emily Attfield, Cuillan Barnes

Year 12

Sophie Smith, Jack Carey, Georgia Hibberd, Malachi Bathurst, Tabitha Hildyard, Kalen Park, Cat Cuthbert, Bridget Mullally, Maz Cameron, Brooklyn Watkins, Vanessa Gallagher, Hannah Johns, Maria McKeen, Ashleigh Cameron, Isla Melton, Hannah Tait

Year 13

Anchua Paris, Josh Allan, Brianna Stables, Delicia O'Brien, Aja Tate-Bell, Tansy Kerris, Ben Sidon, Brooke Williams

The photo shows some of the Year 9s who were acknowledged in Assembly by the Academic leaders Jake Miller and Isla Redgrave

This article was originally posted on: April, 20th 2021