National Secondary Schools Canoe Slalom Championships
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National Secondary Schools Canoe Slalom Championships
National Secondary Schools Canoe Slalom Championships - March 29th - 31st 2021. A keen team of 15 DHS paddlers departed school on March 26th for this event, held at the Tekapo white water course. DHS did exceptionally well against a very strong North Island contingent.

It was a challenging course that tested paddlers skill and nerve. One hole in particular claimed more than its fair share of participants.

The event started on Monday 29th and consisted of K1, C1and 2 events as well as teams racing, freestyle and extreme down river. The extreme course was a favourite of  the students as they were launched off a ramp into the waiting white water beneath.

Overall, it was a very successful competition and the improvements made by all paddlers was impressive. 

We would like to thank Mandy Wardell, Victoria Wearing, Kaylee McNally, Ken and Francis Marner, George Collier and our manager, Ian Knights, for the outstanding help and support they provided to the team for the duration of the competition.


Nick Collier- 1st K1 U18 Mens, 2nd K1 U18 Teams,1st U18 Freestyle, 1st Extreme Downriver

Ethan Knights- 2nd K1 U18 Teams

Tom Goldsmith- 2nd U16 K1 mens, 2nd U18 K1 Teams, 1st U16 Freestyle

Ben McNally- 3rd U18 Freestyle

Harry Thow/Mitchell McNally- 3rd U16 C2 

Neve Spooner/Ethan Knights/Nick Collier- 2nd C1 Teams

Jasper Wearing- 3rd U14 C1

DHS - Best Co Ed school

DHS - Best White Water Kayaking Team

This article was originally posted on: April, 8th 2021