School Donation Notification
School Donation Notification

Your next school account will include an amount for the School Donation for 2021 – please note that this is a voluntary payment.  I am writing to explain the reason for this.

We, as a school, are proud of the extensive range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities we are able to offer our young people.  Many of these activities are not funded by the Government and are only able to be offered through the support of the community, both financially and through volunteered time.

Examples of what the School Donation supports include extra library resources, co-curricular music equipment, sports equipment, inter-house competitions and equipment, participation in tournament weeks and also the functions of the Student Council.

We have always been very appreciative of the level of support the school receives and ask that you continue to make this payment.

The Board of Trustees has made the following decision regarding the School Donation contribution from parents this year:

$58.00 (one child)

$110.00 (two children)

$130.00 (family)

The school donation is eligible for a tax rebate which can be claimed against tax returns.  A receipt is available for this purpose, on request.

Patrick Keenan




This article was originally posted on: May, 24th 2021