Showquest Update
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Showquest Update
Please enjoy some photos taken at rehearsal in the school hall on Tuesday 24th May at lunchtime.

Showquest is totally student driven with rehearsals being run by Vanessa Gallagher Yr13 and Rose Wearing Yr12. Both students are doing a wonderful job leading the group and the choreography. Both James Avenell and Connor McDowall have stepped up to be the tech gurus and will run the sound and lighting respectively at the Civic Theatre, Invercargill on Monday 20th June. Unfortunately, this year there is not going to be a live audience for students to perform in front of. Instead, each performance will be professionally filmed and Showquest will create an epic digital show for each region to watch for free with whānau and friends - this will be a top-quality mini-movie style showcase of their performance and mahi. Professional photos will also be taken. Students will experience performing a dance routine in a professional capacity on stage at the Civic Theatre.

Keep up the great work!

This article was originally posted on: May, 25th 2022