Year 10 and 11 DET
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Year 10 and 11 DET
Years 10 and 11 Design Technology classes have been working hard on their projects over the last few weeks.

Year 10 Woodwork students have been working hard on their serving tray project this term, the students have been assembling the sides of the trays using a finger joint and they are paying close attention to detail to get these joints looking great. They have been designing different handles for each tray. Some of the students have also been using the CNC Router to create indentations in the base of the tray for a cup and cutlery. 

Year 11 Woodwork students have been finishing off their small side table project this term with many of these being completed in the last week or so. Students have had to use 2 different wood joints to construct these: a biscuit joint for the table frame and a mitred joint for the Rimu clashing strip around the table top edge. The main table top and frame are constructed in Pine. The tables are then finished with a coat of Linseed oil. 

This article was originally posted on: May, 18th 2022