Lake Dunstan Aquatic Weed Spraying May/June 2023
Lake Dunstan Aquatic Weed Spraying May/June 2023
Helicopter based spraying of aquatic weed is scheduled to be carried out on Lake Dunstan using the herbicide diquat.

The period that this work is being notified for is from Tuesday 30th May and may be carried out intermittently until Friday 30th June.  The work its self will likely only take 1 day to complete. This work will not be carried out on weekends or public holidays.

The following sites will be targeted for treatment on Lake Dunstan.

  • Champagne Gully Ramp & Ski Lane
  • Bendigo Boat Ramp & Approaches
  • Weatherall Creek and Burton Creek
  • Old Cromwell Town & Boat Ramps
  • McNulty's Inlet
  • Annan Inlet
  • Dairy Creek
  • Lowburn Boat Harbour
  • Jacksons

 These are primarily sites that were not able to be treated last time due to the sediment on the weed.

 Diquat in gel form will be used to treat aquatic weeds. This work is dependent on suitable weed, water, and weather conditions and therefore the timing is subject to change. .

 Currently there is too much suspended sediment within the water to undertake any work. We will be undertaking another assessment of the weed next week to see if conditions have improved.

 Advertisements have been placed in the Otago Daily Times to notify the public of this operation.

 We recommend a 24-hour stand-down on swimming, fishing or taking water for irrigation or domestic supply once the spraying is complete.

 We will provide an update next week once we have a better idea of weather and water conditions.

 If you have any questions in relation to this work, please feel free to call us on 0800 638 943 or keep up to date with treatment progress nearer to the time on the LINZ website.

This article was originally posted on: April, 27th 2023