Internet Subsidy Support
Internet Subsidy Support
For a household to be eligible a household must have at least one child in school year 0 to 15* who routinely stays at the address for parts of every month when they could be expected to do schoolwork.

1. A household would be eligible if a child lives at the address part-time.e.g. Under a shared custody arrangement, or, routinely for some school days every month as part of the extended whānau.

2. The household shouldn’t already have an internet connection.


You can register the household for a hardship exception in some circumstances. If a household has the internet but, to pay for it, the whānau is unable to pay for other life necessities, the whānau is unable to pay for other life necessities, such as food or necessities for children attending school, that household may still be eligible for the programme under a hardship exception. Many households may be in a situation where they would prefer not to pay for the internet at this time because of the current increases in living costs. This initiative is aimed at those who are truly in a position where they cannot pay for the internet. Our priority is first to connect those who do not have any connection at all, with exceptions made for ‘hardship’ situations. Where a household currently has or previously had an internet connection, they may have associated fees, such as:

1. Break fees

2. Monthly remaining payments

3. Termination fee(s)

4. Outstanding or overdue fees.

The household will need to check their existing contract carefully as the Ministry of Education will not be responsible for paying any costs for their current internet connection or any debt owed under a contract to an existing Internet provider. In cases of current internet connections with due payments, it may not be the best option for the whānau to come into the programme and we would recommend they continue with their existing service. If we do bring the household into the programme, we would use the same internet service provider where possible.

By facilitating their prompt registration, we can ensure that they receive guidance through the application process. Their internet expenses will be covered until June 2024, provided they meet the specified criteria. It's worth noting that although some families might already have an existing internet connection, we can still register them under hardship which will be in our discretion. Please if you have any further questions please send them through.

Internet Connectivity Whānau Flyer

This article was originally posted on: September, 12th 2023