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Reading to Dogs Service
Service returning to the Alexandra Library.

Alexandra Library has been delighted to offer the reading to dogs programme for the past four years.  Petal our canine colleague recently retired and we can now introduce Louie.  Louie is a fully trained therapy dog – through the St John’s Therapy Pets Community Service programme. Louie (with Esther) has been to some schools in our area as part of their Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ) programme.

If you’re not familiar with the Reading to Dogs concept - it is intended to encourage shy and reluctant readers.  We set it up in a non-threatening/relaxing atmosphere which encourages the child / person to practice their reading skills and develop a love for reading.  

  • It shifts the child’s focus from the adult in the room to the dog.
  • The child experiences learning as fun, informal and less intimidating.
  • The child reads to a non-judgmental, unconditionally devoted listener.
  • Touching the dog reduces a child's anxiety about reading.
  • The child feels special and appreciated because he/she has been chosen to have time with the dog.
  • It allows the child to proceed at their own pace.
  • It can be less intimidating than a child’s peers.

Louie will be available at Alexandra Library on Wednesday afternoons between 3.15pm and 4.30pm – beginning 10th August. We will offer 15 minute bookings – and accept walk-ins as bookings allow.

Bookings can be made in person, by phone 03 448-9412, or email us at [email protected].


This article was originally posted on: July, 29th 2021