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10C Camp
10C were incredibly "blessed" (in the words of Seb) to have been the first camp of 2022 : "blessed" to be in such a beautiful location, "blessed" for amazing weather, "blessed" to be with a great group of people, "blessed" to be part of a memorable experience.

It was a hoot - so much fun, laughter, collaboration, camaraderie and all round good time had by all. I want to thank:

The Year 10s for the energy, enthusiasm, openness to try new things and positive attitudes they brought to everything.

The Year 13s for building on the legacy that is Year 10 camp. They were such an amazing group who planned and delivered an inspiring programme that everyone was fortunate to be part of. The memories they created will never be forgotten.

The staff for everything they contributed to make camp such a success. They worked tirelessly the whole time to care for everyone, support student growth and build relationships that will extend back into school.

I am truly grateful to have been lucky enough to be part of such an experience.

Nic Kelly

The minute the Caples crew set off to Mt Aspiring I could tell that this was going to be something I will never forget. The laughter, jokes, games and more are memories that will stay with many of us for a long time! We made connections and bonds with everyone throughout the camp and we are very thankful for this. The scenic views that we got to experience were amazing. On one of the days, we packed our packs and ventured out on ‘camp out’. Personally, this was my favourite part. We pitched a tent, cooked our own dinner, skimmed rocks, and sang songs around a bunch of candles. The sky even put on a performance, allowing us to see every star that it could hold. 

We are so very thankful to everyone who made this camp possible and for letting us make memories and bonds with everyone. 

This camp was so much fun and I highly recommend getting into everything!

Brooke Huddleston

Yr 10 camp was filled with great experiences we will never forget, we all enjoyed going swimming, the activities and the friendships we made with people that we didn’t know very well before. The teachers and the year 13s made it even more enjoyable by the way they encouraged us to get involved and do things that might have been out of our comfort zone but it was so worth it. Camp was an amazing experience.

Emer Bryant

The camp at Tititea/ Mt Aspiring was the best camp I have ever been on it was the best experience I've ever has. I bonded with new people that I had never talked to before. I really enjoyed the scenery and the nature we were around. It was so much fun and I’ll never forget it. Everyone was in a good mood so it made the vibe way more fun and happy! The seniors made it two times better with their fun and caring energy. The teachers were always caring and kind, they got us stuck into everything! I loved it! 

Dayla Turnbull

This article was originally posted on: March, 3rd 2022