10SST Mock United Nations
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10SST Mock United Nations
10 SST (Mj) have been planning for a Mock United Nations and today we did it!!

Students researched a country, learnt about the culture and how that country feels about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thanks to all the Year 10 students who spoke on behalf of their country - great speeches from some of the students like Jai Moffit (Russia), Noah Elliot (Ukraine) and Kimberley DeCosta (Israel). Everyone had a turn talking to our resolution - students were asked to decide whether or not the UN should send peacekeeping forces to Ukraine to protect humanitarian corridors and enable more medical supplies to get to places in need. The students learnt a lot about the motivations of countries and who was willing to do what. It was hard for some to stay in the character of their country - especially if they did not agree personally. One of the best things about the experience was that students started to ask questions. While the questions need a bit of discussion and learning around them, it was great to see some good critical thinking. 

This article was originally posted on: March, 31st 2022