10X Career Speed Dating
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10X Career Speed Dating
10X Social Studies welcomed five whānau members into class to talk about their career pathways.

 As part of the "Future Proofing Unit" currently being studied in Year 10, students listened to the different jobs, skills and advice of five volunteers. A very big thanks to Richard Morris, Matt Petrie, Karin Halliday, Ward Moss and Vicki Gillies for all the knowledge and experience shared with the class. Some of the key "takeaways" were:

"Have confidence and do what you want to do."- Matt 

"It doesn't matter where you end up as long as you are happy." - Ward

"Take all the opportunities that come your way." - Karin

"Be resilient - not every day is Christmas." - Vicki

"There are lots of pathways - you can learn the skills you need on the job." - Richard

Jo McKay

Acting HOF Social Sciences

This article was originally posted on: July, 8th 2021