2021 Swimming Sports Results
2021 Swimming Sports Results
Below are the results of the 2021 Swimming Sports held on Friday 12th February.

Junior Girl

1st        Brooke Huddleston (Mrs H.G. Gordon Cup)

2nd      Jessica Coleman

3rd        Ana Flannery

Junior Boy

1st        Luke Johnston (H.G. Gordon Cup)

2nd      Jai Moffit

3rd       Jack Sinnamon

Intermediate Girl

1st        Sophie Winter (E. Newham Cup)

2nd      Grace Begg

3rd        Mayce Williams

Intermediate Boy

1st        Kaleb Ludlow (C. Austin Cup)

2nd      Liam Rees

3rd       Riley Allan

Senior Girl

1st        Emma Rees (R.B.G. & N.L. Cook Cup)

2nd       Isabella Aitken

3rd        Hannah Tait

Senior Boy

1st        Josh Allan

2nd      Monty Wilson

3rd       Riley Park

Overall Place

1st    Pyke

2nd   Haast

3rd    Caples

4th    Rees

This article was originally posted on: March, 1st 2021