Digital Technology (DTG) DESIGN COMPETITION 2022
Digital Technology (DTG) DESIGN COMPETITION 2022
Late last term the DTG class was asked by a local company, Eden Orchards to create a design for their packaging boxes.

 The students worked hard on their outcomes ensuring they met the brief ‘Cherry Smoothie’. 

Crystal from Eden Orchards presented the students with their prizes. 

1st place - Julius Gorman

2nd place - Ana Flannery

3rd place - Jack Sinnamon

4th place - Nate McLellan

5th place - Jesse Henderson

Eden Orchards have asked Julius to produce another image for them as they were very impressed with his design outcome. Thank you Eden Orchards for allowing the students this wonderful opportunity.

Frankie Boyte

DTG Teacher

This article was originally posted on: November, 28th 2022