Currently in the world there is a serious environmental problem called The Willow Project which has been approved.

Approving this project will release over 287 million tonnes of co2 gas in 30 years which is more than adding over 2 million petrol cars to the road each year. Click here for a link to more information about it and click here if you would like to be part of the petition.

If you care about the environment and want to make a difference, come join the Sustainability Committee in P2. In the Sustainability Committee we focus on not only projects around the school, but also find projects to contribute to help the world. So come along to P2 this Tuesday at lunchtime to learn more about what we are planning to do this term and how you can help. 

Brylee  Hazlett 

Sustainability Committee member

This article was originally posted on: March, 28th 2023