Year 9 Design and Visual Communication
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Year 9 Design and Visual Communication
Year 9 Design and Visual Communication Term 1 Update

This term, our awesome year 9 DVC students produced a range of product designs such as a phone holder, treasure boxes and analog clocks. Students had to generate a range of sketches from their own research. We encourage our students to be creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers. They will often face challenges which are part of their learning process. As their teacher, I was surprised by their work ethic and creativity. Things do not always go well and they have to be able to solve problems they encounter with their design ideas. A lot of our students had been exposed to new technology tools in primary school and that has shaped them to be self driven without relying too much on the teacher. Here are a few snapshots of their analog clock designs that we laser cut using plywood or acrylic.

This article was originally posted on: April, 6th 2023