Showquest 2023 - Tickets Now on Sale
Showquest 2023 - Tickets Now on Sale
Countdown to Showquest - Not long now until the big day, Friday 19th May at Civic Theatre, Invercargill.

Students have been rehearsing tirelessly during lunch times and in the weekends, and with Showquest only a couple of weeks away the excitement about performing on stage is growing. Rose Wearing and Starla Hubber have done a fantastic job leading and choreographing a group of 40 students, not an easy task to take on. With the help of our technical gurus James Avenell (sound) and Connor McDowall (lighting) to add into the mix the performance is sure to be slick and colourful. Students will leave early Friday morning and travel by bus to Invercargill where they will have a chance to rehearse their routine on stage before they perform at Civic Theatre to a live audience that night and in front of the judges!  We wish all students involved a fantastic performance!

Tickets are now available to purchase for anyone who would like to go and watch.

Tickets for Showquest 2023

This article was originally posted on: May, 8th 2023