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Hillary Challenge
A team of eight boys Eddie Adams, Jack Sisson, Cooper Millwood, Harry Thow, Jasper Wearing, Taine Morgan, Reuben Love and Harrison Cowie travelled to Geraldine over the weekend to compete in the Hillary Challenge Secondary School 6 hour Adventure Race.

They had very little idea of what they had install for them before they started as it was a secret course revealed as they started the race at 9am Sunday morning with 21 other teams.

Stage 1 was a rogaine around the streets and hill tracks of Geraldine that took about 45 mins. This involved choosing a route to gather as many of the controls as possible.

Stage 2 was a pretty unexciting but VERY muddy mountain bike ride from Geraldine across farm paddocks to the Geraldine river mountain bike track which took them 20 km to Orari Station.

Stage 3 was the highlight for the whole team with a 3 hour rogaine around the hills of the farm. The team managed to clear all the controls and finish with 20 minutes to spare, which was an impressive navigation effort and involved running the majority of the time.

The total distance covered over the race they covered was 48km (a little more than the 42km that the winning team covered with some very skilled navigation and route choices), 28km of this on foot. They were very happy with their 6th place overall in their first event of this type and are keen to get out and do some more in the future.

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A huge thanks to Clare Toia-Bailey for help crewing and for taking these amazing photos that tell the day's story:

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This article was originally posted on: May, 24th 2023