Inspiring the Future - Year 9 Careers Event
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Inspiring the Future - Year 9 Careers Event
On Monday 22nd May Dunstan was fortunate to have 11 fantastic role models from our Central Otago community come and share their career paths and words of wisdom with our Year 9 students.

The event started with 20 questions; during which the students asked questions to help them determine each of the role model's professions. The role models then went away and changed into their uniform and the students were able to see if they had guessed correctly. 

The second part of the event was small group discussions where students rotated around a number of the role models, finding out more about their career paths and how or why they work in the professions they do. 

We are very grateful to all the role models/professionals who came in and supported the school with this event 

Ms Laura Boulton 


This article was originally posted on: May, 24th 2023