Co-Requisite Exams for Numeracy and Literacy (Reading and Writing) - Results
Co-Requisite Exams for Numeracy and Literacy (Reading and Writing) - Results
Result for these exams will be available on Monday August 14, after 10.30am.

Your child can access their results via their Student Login on the NZQA website. 

Once logged in, students can access the ‘My School Entries and Results’ link on the left of the page. Students will need their NSN and password to log into to the NZQA website. Students who do not have this information will need to call the Contact Centre on 0800 697 296 or ask Awhina, NZQA’s chat bot, on the NZQA website. 

What will results look like? If a student has achieved a standard, an ‘A’ will be shown next to it. If they have not achieved a standard, an ‘N’ will be displayed. Literacy and Numeracy standards will not show a result on the student's ROA until the student has achieved it.   

Feedback - Students who did not achieve one or more of the co-requisites can access feedback. This is also accessed through their student log in.   The document will show the strength of the evidence a student provided for each outcome in that standard and can be used to identify what areas a student needs to work on in order to pass one or more of the co-requisites.

Further opportunity in 2023:There will be a further opportunity in October of this year for students to sit the co-requisites if they have not already achieved them, and if they are deemed ready to sit these exams.

Note: Parents cannot access these results independently of their child, and the school cannot provide access to these results for parents as they are published by NZQA.  

If you have any queries regarding the co-requisite's, please contact [email protected].

This article was originally posted on: August, 10th 2023