Judde Paris - Work Placement at Blacks Hotel Ophir
Judde Paris - Work Placement at Blacks Hotel Ophir
As a student of Gateway, I have been on Work Placement with Blacks Hotel in Ophir as a chef.

Since I have been part of the Blacks Hotel kitchen I have gained a good amount of skills that will help carry me onto my next steps of cookery. Every time I’ve been there it’s always been a great environment to work, very helpful and great staff. I’d like to thank both Saskia and Chris for being there to support me, encourage me and make sure that I’m comfortable in the kitchen. I would also like to thank Susan, one of their chefs, as I feel more confident and efficient in the kitchen because of her advice and guidance. It definitely feels good to be back, hands on in the kitchen after finishing Level 3 Cookery last year.  I am grateful for all the days I’ve been in the Blacks Hotel, especially the fun and learning moments. I hope that the business continues to thrive along with its lovely owners, and I highly recommend for those who want hands on in the kitchen experience, Blacks Hotel is definitely a place to consider.

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This article was originally posted on: September, 21st 2023