Helping Senior Students Improve Their Exam Results
Helping Senior Students Improve Their Exam Results

Final exams are approaching fast!

To support our seniors with their exam preparation, we wanted you to know about Innervate Education’s on-line learning programme, Passing Exams.

 Patrick Sherratt, from Innervate, presents ten video units as a 5-step “how to study” approach – everything your teen needs to know to help optimise their exam preparation and ultimately results.  

 Within these steps, Patrick also presents solutions to common challenges in the lead-up to their exams. The programme includes solutions for how to:

  • improve motivation, 
  • reduce distractions,
  • optimise memory retention, and
  • reduce exam nerves

To get an overview of the programme, simply visit:

We hope this programme will give you an opportunity to support your teen from home as they move towards their end-of-year exams.

This article was originally posted on: October, 19th 2023