Ethan Svensson Work Placement
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Ethan Svensson Work Placement
Ethan Svensson Work Placement - Benchmark Construction Ltd

I have spent the last 4 months on a Work Placement with Benchmark Construction. This has involved spending Tuesdays in Cromwell at Wooing Tree Subdivision. Over my time there I have been preparing footpaths, landscaping and installing irrigation. I have been lucky enough to learn to drive some machinery like loaders and diggers. I have also been compacting, digging and laying pipes in trenches. I have really enjoyed the work I am doing because I like working with the crew and doing practical work with moving dirt. I now know that I really want to gain an Apprenticeship in Roading when I leave school at the end of the year. I would really like to thank John Mackay, Mark Weastell and the rest of his crew for the time and effort they have put into teaching me, they have been answering my questions, trusting me on the gear and they are really friendly towards me. The highlight for me of my Work Placement has been learning and growing my digger skills. I have been lucky enough to experience 5 different Work Placements over the year. This has been incredibly valuable because I am enjoying what I am doing at Benchmark, it has helped me make decisions about what I want to do in the future and I have really enjoyed the practical work. This has made me realise I am good at practical hands on things and I feel confident of gaining a job now.

This article was originally posted on: October, 31st 2023