Sustainability Corner
Sustainability Corner
Fun Fact #3 about Climate Change.

1. Climate change could be irreversible by 2030

2. Greenhouse gas levels are at an all-time high

3. More than 1 million species face extinction

4. Climate change is creating a refugee crisis

5. Our oceans are dying

6. We use more of the earth's resources than it can renew

There are more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than ever before, and that's causing the earth's temperature to rise. The burning of fossil fuels, emissions from transport, and the environmental impact of intensive farming have all contributed to high levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

If you are interested in making our school a better sustainable place, come to our meetings in P2 at lunch times on Thursdays.

Nate Alexander 

This article was originally posted on: November, 2nd 2023