COYEP at Dunstan 2023
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COYEP at Dunstan 2023
We have had a fantastic COYEP year at Dunstan High School 2023. COYEP pupils have thrived in their chosen work placements and in the classroom on a Monday with Rachel Checketts and Jenna Griffin. The pupils have worked extremely hard to achieve these overall results. I will truly miss this cohort of pupils!

All 10 COYEP pupils have achieved their NCEA Level 1. Incredible results!!!

Five pupils have been offered and accepted an apprenticeship, whilst the other 5 pupils plan to come back next year to do Level 2 Trades/Gateway courses.

Results below.

1. Theo Cover. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Plumbing apprenticeship.  

2. Hayley Harris. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Building apprenticeship.

3. Couper Phillips. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Building apprenticeship.

4. Amelia Nicholson. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Mechanics apprenticeship.

5. Scott Cochrane. NCEA Level 1. Road Metals apprenticeship.

6. Noah Bennie. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Gateway/ Work experience at Contact

7. Bobbie Stewart. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Gateway- Electrical

8. Bella Hubber. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Trades- Beauty/ Gateway - MR Decorating.

9. Abbie Coulter. NCEA Level 1 achieved. Gateway - Farming.

10. Cade Roberts. NCEA Level achieved. Gateway - Butchery

Please enjoy some photos of the pupils out on their chosen work placements.

A huge thank you to Rachel and Jenna who have been INCREDIBLE this year teaching these pupils on a Monday. Their passion for teaching and learning is clear to see each week in the classroom. Another huge thank you goes to Jenny Dunbier and Heather Taylor and the S Block study line teachers. Your help with the COYEP pupils this year has been invaluable. I know they truly appreciated all of your help and support.

Jenna Faulkner

This article was originally posted on: November, 23rd 2023