NCEA Excellence and Merit 2023
NCEA Excellence and Merit 2023
At Assembly on Friday 8th march, we celebrated those students now in years 12 and 13, who achieved academic excellence by gaining overall Excellence Endorsement or Merit Endorsement in 2023.

To gain certificate endorsement in 2023, students had to gain 50 or more Excellence or Merit credits. Excellence and Merit endorsement is testament to these students' hard work and continually striving to achieve Excellence and/or Merit credits, both in their Internals and Externals.  

Each student received a certificate and a pin.

For 2024 we encourage students to take up this challenge:

  • For those of you who have Endorsements, maintain them.
  • For those of you who just missed out on Endorsement, achieve them.
  • Those of you who missed out on a level or an endorsement aim for what you know you are capable of.
  • Don’t settle for less than what you can do, aim to achieve Personal Excellence.

Level 1 Excellence

Luke Johnson, Olivia Lambeth, George Lindsay, William Miller, Jai Moffitt, Danielle Poole, Callum Redgrave, Zavier Robb, Caitlin Shea, Tui Simpson, Amelie Sutherland-Harris, Jasper Wearing

Level 1 Merit

Scarlett Armstrong, Hamish Attfield, Andrew Baird, Zaria Battrick, Archie Bruce, Emer Bryant, Hayley Clouston, Jessica Coleman, Georgina Cordery, Tahlia Cutin, Kimberly Dacosta, Lachie Diack, Flynn Donnelly, Louis Drake, Ana Flannery, Julius Gorman, Wyatt Gullick, Mackai Hancock, Aarliyah Herbert-Nicho, Madie Hill, Brooke Huddleston, Danielle Irving-Dowling, Sophie Jarvis, Zach Johnson, Lily Kain, Ellie King, Coco Lahood-Robinson, Summer Liddell, Jacob Maisuria, Milly McAtamney, Hannah McDowall, Keira McFadyen, Nate McLellan, Rebekah McLeod, Maddison Meissell, Cam Moir, Niko Murphy, Tahlia Nelson, Billie Nixon, Niamh O'Docherty, Dannika Pentecost, Alex Scott, Jack Sinnamon, India Sisson, Maia Smith, Maddison Stewart, Gabrielle Stratford, Mathew Tumabini, Annajhay Waldron

Level 2 Excellence

Eddie Adams, James Avenall, Aimee Baird, Hazel Bodeker, Megan De Cort, Madison Hamilton, Caleb Ludlow, Isla Nelson, Ariana Webb                                                                                                                 

Level 2 Merit  

Elias Banks, Lily Bateson, Grace Begg, Briar Halstead-Bagrie, Brylee Hazlett, Sophie MacDonald, Leon Morris, Anya Pieterse. L Sanders, Mika Tait, Mayce Williams, Sophie Winter

This article was originally posted on: March, 21st 2024