Uniform Updates
Uniform Updates
There have been a couple of changes to the uniform guidelines relating to jackets and the traditional winter and summer uniform.

They include:


Old Guideline - Students can wear a plain black puffer jacket

New Guideline - Students can wear a plain black nylon puffer jacket or rain coat. This allows students to wear a puffer if it is cold or a raincoat if it is wet. Soft shell jackets are NOT part of the uniform.

Summer/Winter Uniform:

To align both the old and new uniforms students may wear the winter uniform or summer uniform at their wish. If it is a cold day you can wear the winter, or a warm day the summer version. There is no longer a date of compulsory winter or summer uniform. Students in old or new uniform can mix and match aspects of the cold and warm weather uniform.

Uniform information can be found here:

This article was originally posted on: May, 16th 2024