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Bio Camps
From the 22nd to the 26th of February, two Year 12 Biology camps went up to the Tititea Lodge at Mount Aspiring, to gather data for our upcoming Internal Assessments.

While there, we walked up the Snowy on the Glacier Burn track. As we went up the hill, we counted 5 different species of native Beech trees, looking to see if they grew in different “zones'' related to altitude. We battled against roaring winds on our walks, which was luckily not from Mils! 

Our time away was so much fun, other than the graph drawing, which was stressful to say the least. One of our favourite parts was swimming in a snow fed waterfall behind the hut. It was so cold but definitely made us feel more refreshed. Another integral part of the camp was the intense game of “orchestra” led by Mr Hamilton that always ended with a lot of laughs from some interesting actions! 

Overall, we all really, really enjoyed the time we had away, and would love to go back again. We are grateful to Mr Morton for all of his organising and for ensuring Bio Camp goes ahead without a hitch, each year. Also to all the other wonderful teachers; Ms Boulton, Mrs Norbury, Mr Hamilton and Mrs Clapham, who, along with Mr Morton, made camp as great as it was.

This article was originally posted on: March, 11th 2021