Bomb Threat Debrief
Bomb Threat Debrief
The following is a summary of the events that occurred last week on Thursday 28th July at about 12.10pm.

The school office received a phone call indicating that there was a bomb on the school premises.

  • The office staff and SLT immediately phone the police.

  • Whilst the Police indicated that there had been a series of these threats made around the country, as a school we took this seriously and initiated emergency evacuation procedures.

  • This meant the alarm bells rang and students and staff evacuated to the field.

  • Local police arrived as this was occurring and discussions began about the validity of the threat and what the next steps would be.

  • Staff and students remained on the field while police and SLT made a sweep of all classrooms. 

  • At 1pm staff and students were informed of what had occurred and the all clear was given to return to classrooms.

  • A text and email was sent to all families and staff informing them of what had occurred and what our response had been.

The Senior Leadership Team are now debriefing this event and looking to update procedures where necessary. If you would like to provide feedback on the school response and procedures then please email: [email protected]

This article was originally posted on: August, 3rd 2022