Central Otago Careers Opportunity Day
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Central Otago Careers Opportunity Day
On the 17th March, 22 Dunstan High School students, ranging from Year 11 to Year 13, took part in the Central Otago District Council Youth Employment Event.

Students were introduced to the topic “The Future of Work”, in the school hall and then headed off to three venues around Alexandra. At the first venue, on Boundary Road, students were introduced to various workplaces who come under the umbrella of “Engineering” and “Building/Construction”. Students looked around workshops such as Central Performance Ltd and Hydromarine and discussed how best to enter a range of careers with members from Breens, Fulton Hogan and TMSCO, just to name a few. 

At the second stop, at Clyde Orchards, students were introduced to career pathways in Horticulture and Agriculture. There was some hands-on identification of hazards with the Border Security team from Queenstown Airport, some interesting stories from a local veterinarian and lots of information regarding current employment opportunities in shearing and various orchards around the district. 

The last stop for the day was at the Packing Shed where a range of Hospitality and Tourism career opportunities were presented. Go With Tourism showed the large number of opportunities still available in Tourism, despite Covid, and are looking ahead to when the borders reopen. Oliver's Cafe, Scott Base and Waipiata Country Hotel are examples of places that discussed Hospitality opportunities with the students. 

Overall the feedback was really positive and it was wonderful to hear about the large number of opportunities for careers and employment on our doorstep. 

Ms Laura Boulton
Careers Advisor 

This article was originally posted on: March, 25th 2021