Chainsaw Course
Chainsaw Course
Dunstan High School continues to offer some great opportunities for our students. On Wednesday 24th November some keen and eager students participated in a chainsaw safety, handling and maintenance course.

This involved some theory work on the safe use of chainsaws and then progressed to lots of hands on learning. Students were able to strip down several saws, learn how to maintain them and then re-assemble a saw safely. The students then went on to learn how to correctly sharpen the saws and then use the newly sharpened saws to make a variety of cuts on freshly felled trees. This was definitely the highlight of the day with each student donning all the correct safety gear and getting stuck in to cutting up logs.

Students involved: Cat Cuthbert, Josh Smith, Summer Claridge, Charlie Shaw, Clay Leckie, Mia Tudor, Kohen Bryant Saunders, Patrick Stratford

Many thanks to Central Wilding Tree Control for running the course and providing all the equipment.

Simon Thomas - HOF Technology

This article was originally posted on: November, 25th 2021