Cross Country Results
Cross Country Results
Here are the results from the Cross Country event which was run on Friday 1st October, the last day of Term 3.

Under 14 Girl

1st Maddie Hill, 2nd Abbie Coulter, 3rd Tui Simpson

Junior Girl

1st Sophie Bruce, 2nd Sophie Winter, 3rd Peta Smith

Intermediate Girl

1st Isla Nelson, 2nd Amy Gray, 3rd Molly Galletly

Senior Girl

1st Pipi Horan, 2nd Summer Claridge, 3rd Aja Tate-Bell

Under 14 Boy

1st Ruie Hyslop, 2nd Nicolaas Peterse, 3rd Wyatt Gullick

Junior Boy

1st Liam Rees, 2nd Jimmy Whyte, 3rd Thomas Coney

Intermediate Boy

1st Harrison Thow, 2nd Tom Shaw, 3rd Jed McIntosh

Senior Boy

1st Jonathan Miller, 2nd Maz Cameron, 3rd = Kieran Boyd and Seth Nieuwenhuyzen

This article was originally posted on: October, 18th 2021