DHS Coach Development Workshop #2
DHS Coach Development Workshop #2
TOPIC: Sports Nutrition

Toni Nelson will take you through a session on the importance of nutrition with your sports team/individuals. She will cover topics such as

  • When should they eat pre and post training/game.

  • What are examples of good pre and post training/game snacks.

  • Is nutrition important for the school athlete? How much do coaches, managers and athletes need to know.

  • How do you get the parents and players on board with good nutrition?

  • Tournament meals and food - ideas on how to keep the team fuelled during your tournament.

Date: Monday 16th August 2021

 Time: 6.30-7.30pm

 Where: School Gym Classroom - G2

 What to Bring: Nutrition questions relating to your sport and athletes. Supper will be provided

 RSVP: Sally Mullally [email protected] by Thursday 12th August.

Toni is a NZ associate registered nutritionist. She has completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in human nutrition, with a large focus on sports nutrition. She is now in the final stage of her Master’s degree, where she is completing work placement providing nutrition support for organisations throughout Central Otago. Toni is very passionate about healthy nutrition practice within adolescents and young adults, especially in the young athlete population.

This article was originally posted on: July, 27th 2021