Dunstan High School Curriculum - Why all the changes?
Dunstan High School Curriculum - Why all the changes?
At the start of 2020 Dunstan High School began a review of our Junior Curriculum.

We did this because:

  • Data from various sources indicated that our students are not engaged in their learning as we would like.

  • The length of time since the last review would suggest that having a good look at what we are doing is timely.

  • With rapid changes in technology and the way that we work over the last 10 years, we needed to answer the question… Are we doing our best to prepare our akonga / students for life beyond the school gates?

At Dunstan High School our curriculum vision replicates that of the NZ Curriculum vision which is “for our learners to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners”.

This means our young people will be creative, energetic and enterprising. They will seize opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural and economic future for our country. They will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Māori and Pakeha recognise each other as Full Treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued. Learners will continue to develop values, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to live a full and satisfying life.

To view the Dunstan High School Curriculum Framework click on the following link:

How will we achieve this?

Tapa Whā - Semester. Making subjects into semesters allows more choice for students. The idea here is that more choice and an ability to do more of what you love is good for the individual and your well being. Students will still study the ‘core’ subjects with a focus on numeracy and literacy. However, for those that align with what we might call traditional option subjects there is now opportunity for those students to explore their passions more deeply. Tapa Whā - part of Mason Durie Whare tapa whā - model of hauora and well being. Semester will have a positive influence on well being through choice and opportunity to follow passions.

Todd Adams

Deputy Principal

This article was originally posted on: August, 10th 2022