Fortnightly Reports Explained
Fortnightly Reports Explained
From the end of this week you will be able to view FNR grades.

To view FNR grades by logging in through the student or parent KAMAR portal  Please contact the school office if you do not have access to this. 

Each fortnight  teachers make a judgement on progress based upon learning efforts in the classroom (Personal Excellence) and respectful behaviour (Respect). The criteria that these judgements are based on are as follows: 

Personal Excellence


Working to your best standard

On time

Seeking help when unsure

Prepared with all gear

Accepting advice

Ready to learn

Listening carefully

Correct uniform

Contributing to, and participating in, class discussions

Respectful to staff

Self-regulated learner

Respectful to peers

Focussing on your classwork

Accepting of others and of different viewpoints

Attempting homework if required

Being a good digital citizen (e.g suitable use of personal ICT devices/phones and school ICT equipment at appropriate times)

Take advantage of every opportunity

 Collaborating effectively and respectfully

Scoring breakdown/definition on a 1-5 scale:

1. Cause for concern

2. Inconsistent

3. Fair

4. Good

5. Displaying excellence 

The Fortnightly Reports (FNR’s) have proven to be a really valuable tool for identifying concerns early and picking up any changes in learning or behaviour. They also provide the basis for important conversations between students, parents and teachers. 

The Grade Point Averages (GPA) from the Fortnightly reports for the whole year determines whether a student will receive a Merit award. These are presented at the senior and junior prize givings at the end of the year. 

Merit Award; given for an end of year GPA greater than 7.5

Merit with Distinction Awards; given for an end of year GPA greater than 9.0

If you have any questions regarding the Fortnightly Reports we strongly encourage you to contact the tutor teacher as they are monitoring students' progress. 

This article was originally posted on: February, 22nd 2022