Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
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Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
On the 27th of January a group of Dunstan students walked into the Wilkin Valley. We were on our adventurous journey for our Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

The group consisted of Charlie Shaw, Vanessa Gallagher, Hannah Tait, Maz Cameron, Tabitha Hildyard, Shela Luckhurst and myself as well as our wonderful adult support team of Keri Barnett and Ian Knights. 

We had a wonderful time swimming in as many rivers and lakes as we could find including the glacial Lake Crucible, which we walked up to on the second day as a day walk. This lake was at an elevation of over 1100 metres above sea level and only several degrees above 0!!

Our 3rd day was a gruelling hike over Gillespies Pass starting at 600 metres elevation and climbing to 1800 metres, rewarding us with spectacular views around a rock amphitheatre, before coming back down to 800 metres of elevation.  We finished our tramp by walking 20km out the Young Valley on the 30th of January giving us a day to catch up on our lives before we headed into school to start preparing for our incoming Year 9s.

Ethan Knights

This article was originally posted on: February, 17th 2022