High Ropes Course
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High Ropes Course
The Year 12/13 Gateway class spent Friday on the High Ropes Course completing an assessment that involved contributing in a team with an objective.

It was an amazing day and all students were astounding in the way they behaved, challenged themselves and worked with focus. I was thoroughly impressed and proud of their efforts. There were many highlights from the day, some of which included:

-the lightning speed with which Caitlin Blanch got to the top of the Leap of Faith

-the shaking of the Leap of Faith pole when Trey Nelson was trying to stand on the top of it

-the overcoming of fear by Zach Randall on the islands walk

-listening to Cyress Hutchinson's non stop commentary on each apparatus

Thanks to all those students involved for making it such a successful event.

Nic Kelly

Transition/Gateway co-ordinator

This article was originally posted on: June, 10th 2021