Little Shop of Horrors – DHS Musical
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Little Shop of Horrors – DHS Musical

Dunstan High is excited this year to perform the hit musical Little shop of Horrors 19-21 May - mark this on your calendar! There will be more information about this later.

We are delighted to announce that the musical has been cast and we are well into rehearsals. The cast had their first reading on Tuesday 23 February and it went very well. Mr Meissel, who will be directing the show said “he is very happy with the casting and they will all do a great job.” Mrs Barnes is Musical Director and Dunstan student Maia Adams will choreograph the show.

Many students and staff will also be busily working behind the scenes during the next few months. It has been two years since Dunstan has put on a musical!


Chiffon                Brianna Stables

Crystal                Maria McKeen

Ronnette            Nia du Plessis

Mushnik              Ethan Drake

Audrey                Leila Luckhurst

Seymour            Maz Cameron 

Orin                    Zeph Middendorf

Audrey II            Eben Vermaak (operation)

Audrey II            TBA (voice)

Other roles (there are a few) will be assigned as we progress through the rehearsal process: 

Aimee Baird, Brianna Stables, Frans du Plessis, Hannah McDowell, Jessica Ballantyne, Maisie Kingham, Rebekah McLeod, Riley Sinclair, Shannon Kelliher, Sofia Druce, Sophie Smith, Sophie Stade, Starla Hubber, Maia Adams, Vanessa Gallagher

Director - Mr Meissel

Musical Direction - Mrs Barnes

Choreographer - Maia Adams

This article was originally posted on: February, 25th 2021