Maadi Cup Full Results
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Maadi Cup Full Results
Dunstan High had an outstanding Maadi Cup 2021. A squad of 19, made up 11 sculling crews. Maadi this year had 123 competing schools and approximately 2500 athletes.

Of the 11 crews, 10 made "A finals"  - the top 8 in the country.

From the 10 "A finals"  the school medalled in 8: 

Girls under 15 Octi ...Gold

Girls Novice quad ...Gold

Girls Under 18 quad ....Gold

Girls Under 18 double....Gold

Girls under 18 single ....Gold

Girls Novice Double ...Bronze

Girls  Under 15 quad ......Bronze

Girls  Under 17 double.....Bronze

These exceptional results placed us third overall in the points table behind Auckland Grammar and Rangi Ruru.

We finished as the best sculling school in NZ, being awarded the President's Scull.

All in all, words cannot describe the pride that these results bring. 

A huge thanks to the awesome support team of parents, and above all to Simon Smith, NZ's top sculling coach.

This article was originally posted on: March, 29th 2021