NCEA Excellence and Merit 2021
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NCEA Excellence and Merit 2021
At Assembly last Friday, we celebrated those students now in years 12 and 13, who achieved academic excellence by gaining overall Excellence Endorsement or Merit Endorsement in 2021.

To gain endorsement in 2021, students had to gain 50 or more Excellence or Merit credits. Excellence and Merit endorsement is testament to these students' hard work and continually striving to achieve Excellence and/or Merit credits, both in their Internals and Externals. 

We also acknowledged an individual's achievements through a Powerpoint which showed the total number of Merit and/or Excellence credits and subject endorsements. Each student received a certificate and a pin.

This year two students were acknowledged separately as they achieved over 100 Excellence credits. Kieran Boyd achieved 106 Excellence credits at Level 2 and Maz Cameron 126 Excellence credits at Level 2. We have started a new award – The 100 Excellence Credit Award. In recognition of their outstanding achievement, the boys were given a voucher to fly at iFly Indoor Skydiving Queenstown. 

For 2022 we encourage students to take up this challenge:

  • For those of you who have Endorsements, maintain them.
  • For those of you who just missed out on Endorsement, achieve them.
  • Those of you who missed out on a level or an endorsement aim for what you know you are capable of.
  • Don’t settle for less than what you can do, aim to achieve Personal Excellence.

Level 1 Excellence

Emily Attfield

Sofia Druce

Robert Gordon

Claudia Hammond

Tasia Hill-Alexander

Isla Redgrave

Emily Templeton

Ashlea West

Level 1 Merit

Olivia Armstrong

Cuillan Barnes

Annabelle Beange

Jacob Bromby

MacKenzie Bryant

Kohan Carden

Jake Chambers

Nia du Plessis

Jack Farrell

Briar Faulkner-Vermeulen

Mia Flannery

Pania Geary

Layla Golden

Tom Goldsmith

James Gorman

Amy Gray

Byron Hammond

Brooklyn Harrington

Maggie Healey

Starla Hubber

Megan Hunt

Isabelle Lachance

Molly Mason-Galletly

Connor McDowall

Jed McIntosh

Josh McLellan

Flinn Moffitt

Grace Moir

Charis Morrell

Arlia Murphy

Finn O’Brien

Judde Paris

Kade Robertson

Chloe Robertson

Peyton Robertson

Niki Schouten

Tom Shaw

Myah Turnbull

Rose Wearing

Kaleb Zimmerman

Level 2 Excellence

Jessica Ballantyne

Kieran Boyd

Maz Cameron

Vanessa Gallagher

Pipi Horan

Ethan Knights

Maria McKeen

Isla Melton

Bridget Mullally

Hannah Tait

Level 2 Merit

William Brummel

Nika Casbolt

Briana Gray

George Hazlett

Tabitha Hildyard

Kate Kinney

Lucy McLellan

Jake Miller

Mekah O’Neill

Emma Rees

Felix Schaap

Sophie Smith

Sophie Stade

Sophie Wilson

This article was originally posted on: February, 10th 2022